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Genuine quality and value are measured not only by pure aesthetics but by superior construction that's not always apparent at first glance. That's why we put craftsmanship first in Amerimax windows, so like great works of art, they will stand the test of time.


Working as partners with our suppliers Amerimax continuously evaluates changes in technology and materials to ensure that the components for your windows are the finest.

We use a specially compounded, lead-free, non-toxic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) frame and sash material that resists the transfer of heat and cold, and won't chip, warp, crack, blister, or peel.

Amerimax developed Ameriglass our proprietary insulated glass system that combines dual layer soft coat Low E (low emissivity) glass and TrueWarm® warm edge spacer technology, to create an insulated glass unit that blocks ultraviolet light and deflects heat better than any other system on the market. You'll see energy savings year-round.

Beneath the beautiful exterior, is the finest quality hardware, state of the art components and our attention-to-detail…

…from brass rollers and easy touch tilt latches, to double weather-stripping in sashes and multi-chambered heavy wall extrusions…the list goes on and on to ensure your windows will perform beyond your expectations.


You don't have to "rebuild" your home just to replace windows.

Unlike some window manufacturers, Amerimax does not mass-produce standard-sized windows. Instead, we custom-build windows…everything in the manufacturing process is done individually for your existing window openings.

First, we make the insulated glass units. Large sheets of annealed glass for your windows arrive in our plant and are placed on special air tables where computer programmed diamond cutters size your individual lites with a minimum of waste.

The lites are then fed on automated roller beds into a high temperature glass washing machine, where both sides are washed.

The cleaned lites arrive in the sterile assembly room where the dried and cleaned lites are examined over intense lights for defects.


In the sterile assembly room the two lites are joined and sealed using our unique multi seal warm edge technology. We apply our warm edge spacer with dual seal acrylic adhesive to the first glass lite. The second glass lite is set in place using a pneumatic squaring table this creates the "dead" air space that gives an insulation value to the window.

The insulated glass unit is then hermetically sealed again with our computer controlled hot melt system creating a permanent seal around the entire insulated glass unit.

Frames and Sashes

Working from our inventory of pre extruded polyvinyl chloride lineals we prepare the frames and sashes for your windows.

The lineals are then sent to our computer controlled double miter saw where they are custom cut to your exact dimensions.

After they are cut we pneumatically punch them to accept the hardware and weep system for your selected window.

Once they are punched we use our computer temperature controlled thermal fusion welders to bond the corners.

High-speed cutter knives remove weld residue and excess vinyl from the fusion-welded joints of the frames and sashes.

Quality Control

The completed frames and glazed sashes are brought to the adjustable pneumatic squaring rack, which simulates an actual wall, and final assembly is completed.

Before leaving the pneumatic squaring rack all operational systems are tested and the final quality control checks are performed.

Your completed windows are sent to shipping where your order is staged for delivery to your authorized Amerimax dealer.

By selecting Amerimax Windows, you are buying technologically advanced windows with unsurpassed energy efficiency and freedom from maintenance for many years of enjoyment. Amerimax Windows give you peace of mind because they stand the test of time.

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