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Installation Checklists

Amerimax is a manufacturer of windows and doors; it does not install its products. All installation is performed by independent contractors who are not legal representatives of Amerimax. Amerimax does not supervise any installation. Amerimax is not responsible for the Installer’s means, methods, techniques, and procedures of installation work.

For all installation, Amerimax believes that the Installer should be guided by the following principles:

  1. All installation work should be performed and/or supervised by trained and experienced professionals who are licensed to perform the work (if licensing is required by local laws and regulations.
  2. All installation work must be performed in accordance with applicable building codes and regulations. All work should be permitted and inspected by building officials, as required by local laws and regulations.
  3. All installation work must not damage the existing flashing and other water barrier devices for the residence. Installer must survey existing conditions before work is performed. If installer has any concerns regarding existing conditions, Installer must notify dealer and/or homeowner. If any existing water barrier devices are damaged by Installer as part of Installer’s work, Installer must restore those devices before completing its work.
  4. Before proceeding with its work, Installer should verify that the furnished windows and doors are the correct size and are appropriate for the residence.
  5. All installation should be performed with new and first-class materials. Any caulking must be compatible with existing conditions.
  6. All installation must be plumb, level, square and water tight. All installation must be properly integrated with the existing structure by the use of proper flashing, drip caps and/or other weather resistant barriers. All windows must be properly anchored and sealed.
  7. Installer’s installation cannot damage or otherwise abuse the Amerimax product. Amerimax’s warranty is void upon such an occurrence.
  8. Before completing its work, Installer should test and/or inspect its work to determine whether the installation is watertight and sound.
  9. Before leaving the site, Installer should advise homeowner of all correct operational steps as well as maintenance obligations required with regard to the installed product. Further, Installer should advise homeowner of the terms of its installation warranty.
  10. Installer should check Amerimax website to determine whether any recent installation bulletins have been issued by Amerimax.
  11. If Installer has any doubt or question regarding whether the installation can proceed in a safe and effective manner, Installer should seek additional assistance from dealer concerning the appropriate industry standards for the installation.

For further guidance, see applicable industry publications regarding window and door installation.

Amerimax accepts no liability for improper installation of its products. The above installation principles are to Installer of some of the key considerations that the remind the work. Installer must be concerned with as part of its work. The above installation principles are not intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive; common sense and good judgment is critical for all installation.

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